Dr. D.U. Lokhande

M. V. Sc. & Ph. D.
I/C Professor of Surgery
 Email: dulokhande@yahoo.com
Qualification: M. V. Sc., Ph. D.
Specialization: Small Animal Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology and Endoscopy
Teaching experience:
  1. Dr. Lokhande has guided total 12 P. G. students of Department of Surgery and Radiology as a major guide and act as advisory member for total 20 students of Surgery and other departments.
  2. He is having total 20 years of Teaching experience for U. G. students and 18 years of experience for P. G. students.
  1. He has published total 28 scientific papers in reputed journals, two popular articles and presented total 38 papers in different seminars and conferences.
  2. He is Author of chapter “Selection of Pet, Care and Management of New born”, in Pet-owner guideline Book “Care and Management of Pets”.
  3. Organized Innovatively  26th Congress of ISVS in the year 2002 and worked as Treasurer & Joint Secretary, where in Live demonstration of endoscopy via video conferencing was performed successfully for the first time in the history of Veterinary Surgery. Highest number of delegates participated in this congress from different states and abroad.
Awards and scholarships:
  1. Dr. Lokhande was awarded I. C. A. R. Jr. fellowship in Veterinary Surgery in 1987-88 programme for Post graduation.
  2. He was awarded as “Intas Distinguished Field Veterinary Surgeon Award” during 26th Annual congress of I. S. V. S. on 9th Nov. 2002.
  3. “Best Teacher Award” was received by him in 2003-04.
  4. Appreciation certificate in presentation of anesthesiology (2006).
  5. Appreciation certificate in presentation Radiology and Imaging (2006).
  6. Appreciation certificate in presentation at ISVS Ludhiana (2009)
Recognized examiner and expert for M. V. Sc thesis evaluation in various University in India.
  1. Dr. Lokhande is recognized examiner and expert for M. V. Sc thesis evaluator for I V R I, Izatnagar.
  2. He is also appointed as Question paper setter for subject Surgery at Veterinary College, Hebbal, Bangalore for B. V. Sc & A. H. degree. 
Dr. Lokhande has contributed in the following research:
  1. Conducted research on Bone plates prepared from buffalo horn for internal fixation in tibial fracture in Calves.
  2. Study on lipid and lipid free Propofol anaesthesia in canines.
  3. Ultrasound images of abdominal organs of canines.
  4. Propofol anaesthesia for castration in Equine.
  5. Internal fixation for long bone fractures in Birds
  6. Propofol anaesthesia in Swine and Cat.
  7. Different dental diseases and their treatment.
  8. Different Urethrotomy techniques in canine.
  9. Different techniques of treatment for mammary tumors and venereal granulomas in canine.
  10. 10. Different techniques of treatment for cataract and lens transplantation.
  11. 11. Diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopy in dogs.
Teaching appointments:
  1. Qualified ICAR Net Examination in the year 1995 .
  2. Nominated as In charge ‘Clinical Complex’ to prepare and monitor unit system batches of U. G. students of Bombay Veterinary College, as per V C I regulation.
  3. Worked as Editorfor
    1. Souvenir of 26th Annual Congress of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery held at Mumbai.
    2. MAFSU- COL- ISNAR, Collaborative project on Distance Learning “Techniques  in Small Animal Surgery”
    3. c.    MAFSU- COL- ISNAR, Collaborative project on Distance Learning “Techniques  in Large Animal Surgery”
    4. MAFSU- COL- ISNAR, Collaborative project on Distance Learning “Surgical Techniques in Cat”.
  4. Prepared two Easy Learning programme
    1. Normal labeled Radiographs of dogs
    2. X ray Interpretation in dogs For Virtual classroom, B.V.C.
      Extension activities:
  1. He gave several Radio talks and answer to farmers question on ‘All India Radio’, Mumbai.
  2. He is giving technical services to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Veer Jijamata Uddhayan, Sangli Zoo and Zoo of Dadara Nagar Hawali and performed various operations on Wild indigenous animals.
  3. He has also worked for several Gelding camps at Matheran and performed 100 gelding operations.
  4. He has also helped Animal Husbandry Department of Dadara Nagar Havali and Silvasa by providing honorary services in several health camps organised by them.
  5. He has participated in several N S S camps.
Membership in Committees/commission/council:
  1. Was a Member of Board of Studies for Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, K K V Dapoli.
  2. Member of Board of Studies for Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, M A F S University, Nagpur.
Membership in Reputed Journal/Professional:
  1. Life member of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery.
  2. Life member of “Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery”.
  3. Life member of “The Indian Veterinary Journal”.
  4. Life member of Alumni Association of Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai.
  5. Life member of Journal of Bombay Veterinary College.
  6. 6.    Member of Pet Practitioner Association of Mumbai

Dr. G. S. Khandekar

Dr. G. S. Khandekar
M. V. Sc. & Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Surgery
Dr. Khandekar did his graduation in 1991 and post-graduation in 1994 and pursuing Ph.D in laparoscopy in dogs and pigs at Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai
Specialization: Small Animal Surgery, Laparoscopy and Endoscopy.
 Teaching experience:
He is having total 18  yrs of experience in teaching P. G. and  U. G. students and guided  total  seven  P. G. students of the Department of Surgery and Radiology as a major guide and act as a minor adviser for  total 23 students of surgery and other departments,
He has published total 52 scientific papers in reputed journals. Eight popular articles, two extension publications and one technical publication.
Successfully organized selection trials of “INDRDHANUSHA” at university level in Bombay veterinary college.
Successfully organized dog show in collaboration with INKC and student’s council at Bombay Veterinary College for year 2008-09 and 2009-10.
Was appointed as a Vice Chairman of Gymkhana, Vice president of Student’s Council and also assistant director of student welfare.
Awarded the “Scroll of Honor” on 26th Jan also received “BEST TEACHER AWARD “from Dean ,Bombay veterinary College for providing outstanding and Meritorious professional services during the year 2004-2005 and 2005-2006
Elected and worked as Zonal Secretary in Indian Society of Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) Executive committee in 2004-2005.
Acted as a Co-ordinator for “Critical care and management” workshop of Continuous Education Programme organized by WALTHAM.
Participated in recognition of attending a workshop for Leading Vets on Continuous Education Programmed organized by WALTHAM.
Invited as Chief Surgeon to Conduct Small Animal Surgical Camp at Ichalkaranji organized by State Animal Husbandry Department and Successfully Operated 40 surgical Cases.
Conducted seminar on modern surgical technique and live demonstration on various surgical techniques in small animal (G. I tract and Urogenital system) at Goa in May 2005, Organized by Goa Animal Husbandry Department
Organized and conducted Equine gelding camps at Matheran
Successfully conducted sterilization camp at Miraj polyclinic, Sangli.
Conducted two Health Camp and Surgery Camp at Silvasa organized by Animal Husbandry Department, Dadar Nagar Haweli.
Completed a training programme of 15 days on “Meat and Poultry Processing Technology” organized by Division Of Food Hygiene Bombay Veterinary College And IPMT Urlikanchan, Pune.
Completed a training programme of 21 days on “Advances in Equine Surgery” organized at Department Of Surgery And Radiology, College Of Veterinary Sciences, G.B. Pant University, Pantnagar, (UA).
Completed a training programme of 21 days on “specialized techniques in veterinary surgery and radiology” organized by department of veterinary surgery and radiology P.A.U. Ludhiana.
Attended four WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) Continuing Education (CE) program in association with PPAM (Pet Practitioner Association of Mumbai).
Completed 8 days course conducted by NARM Hydrabad organized by MAFSU at B.V.C.
Delivered Seminar On Pet Care and Management” at shad Adam shaikh Trust’s Billabong high Kangaroo Kids.
Delivered seminar on equine care and management at Goa animal welfare trust, Madgoan in 2010 and on wild animal anesthesia for veterinary officers of department of animal husbandary, Goa in 2009.
Research officer at radioisotope division of nuclear medicine at Bombay veterinary college.
Completed “Radio Immuno Assay” training at BARC.
Currently held the post of Hostl Rector.
 Research Experience (Exclusively Research):-
Research papers published: 52
Research papers presented in various seminar and symposium- 40.
Worked as Sub-Editor for
Souvenir of 26th Annual Congress of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery held at Mumbai.
MAFSU- COL- ISNAR, Collaborative project on Distance Learning Techniques  in Small Animal Surgery
MAFSU- COL- ISNAR, Collaborative project on Distance Learning Techniques  in Large Animal Surgery
MAFSU- COL- ISNAR, Collaborative project on Distance Learning Surgical Techniques  in Cat.
Number of  National ,International Seminar/Symposium/Conferences attended – 8
Post Graduate Recognized Guide, MAFSU, Nagpur.Three students successfully guided for postgraduate research
Recognized external examiner for under graduate and postgraduate of various veterinary colleges of India.
Other Experience:  
Successfully worked in Out Patient Department (OPD) and performed Various major and minor emergency surgeries round the clock services.
Experience in Poultry and Meat Processing and worked as “Quality control officer” in Fine Foods International Meat Export Company, Bombay from June1991 to March1992.
Membership in Reputed Journal/Professional:
Life member of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery.
Life member of Alumni Association of Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai.
Life member of Journal of Bombay Veterinary College.
Member of Pet Practioner Association of Mumbai
Other Relevant Information:– 
Worked as scrutiny member during admission process for undergraduate and post graduate and lower education.(MAFSU)
Winner of football tournament at district level and also participated on state level at Latur in 1984

Dr. S. D. Tripathi

Dr. Santoshmani D. Tripathi                                                                                        
 M. V. Sc.
 Assistant Professor of Surgery
Mob: 09323049859
Dr.Tripathi did his graduation with distinction in the year 2001 and post-graduation with first class in 2003 from Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai.
Specialization: Small animal Surgery and Equine Anaesthesiology.
Teaching Experience:
He has of 4 years experience in teaching P.G. and U.G. students.
He has published 09 scientific papers in reputed journals and 05 popular articles.
  1. Qualified ICAR Net in the year 2003 and 2007.
  2. Won 1st prize in Essay writing in the National Environment Awareness campaign, 1999.
  3. 3.1ST prize in Cattle judging contest at the 3rd National Livestock and Poultry show, New Delhi, 2000.
  4. 4.Was instrumental in  improving OPD revenue receipts of Bombay Veterinary College to Rs.8,11,175/- during the year 2007-08 and to Rs.12,56,100/- during the year 2008-09 as well as Donation of Rs.5000/- and Nebulizer to the OPD.
  5. Successfully organized the 162nd and 166th Championship Dog and Obedience tests under the aegis of Bombay Veterinary Council Student’s Council and The Indian National Kennel Club in the year 2009 and 2010 respectively.
  6. Judged Dog Show held at Yeshwantrao Chavan Krishi Audyogik va Pashupakshi Pradarshan at Karad, 2009.
  7. Assisted in the organization and management of 26th Annual Congress and National Symposium on “Recent Trends in small animal surgery”, of Indian Society of Veterinary Surgery at Bombay Veterinary College during 9th-11th November 2002.
  8. Conducted Quiz competition at annual gathering of Bombay Veterinary College during SPANDAN 2000.
  9. Represented Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth at Kamalnayan Bajaj Memorial All India Inter-University Seminar, Wardha, 2001.
  10. Received Certificate of Merit by Amateur Rider’s Club, Mumbai.
Training Programmes Attended:
  1. 21 days National Training Programme in Chennai.
  2. 21 days Winter School in Shirval.
  3.  Vet Lab Training Programmes 02
  4. One Day Workshops 05
  5. Participated in four day Training programme on “Kaleidoscope of Teaching” held at Bombay Veterinary College and was adjudged The Best Trainee.
Health Camps:
  1. Participated in Free equine gelding and health camp for horses of Matheran and surrounding villages organized by the Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, Bombay Veterinary College in the year 2002, 2003 and 2007.
  2. Pigeon Health Camps during Makarsankranti in the year 1999, 2000,2001,2007,2008 and 2009.
  3. Took part in NSS camps organized by Bombay Veterinary College.
Conferences Attended04
Membership of Professional Societies04
    1. Life member of Indian Society of Veterinary Surgery.
    2. Life member of Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice.
    3. Life Member of Alumni Association of Bombay Veterinary College.
    4. Member of Veterinarians Association.
Other Relevant Information:
1. Successfully worked in the Out-Patient Department and performed various major surgical procedures such GDV, C-section, Intessusception, cystotomy in large and small animals.
2. Worked as scrutiny member during admission process for under graduate admission process of MAFSU 2009.