Dr. C.N.Galdhar


Name: Dr. Chandrakant N. Galdhar  
Qualification: M.V.Sc. (Medicine), Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Veterinary Medicine
College: Bombay Veterinary College.
Experience of Teaching, Research & Extension: 6 Years
Contact Details: chgaldhar@gmail.com, Mob:+919420888536
v  Ph.D.: Studies on Doxorubicin-induced Cardio-toxicity and its Evaluation by Gallium Scintigraphy in Rabbits.
v  M.V.Sc.:Studies on Prevalence and Chemotherapy of Bovine Paramphistomiasis.
Additional Qualification:
Examination passed
Year of passing
University / Institution
Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board, New Delhi
Postgraduate training Course in Nuclear Medicine
P.D.Hinduja National Hospital & Medical research Centre and Society of Nuclear Medicine, India.
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai
Nuclear Medicine Course conducted by Indo-European Nuclear Medicine Education Forum.
P.D.Hinduja National Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai, India
Radioimmunoassay Technique and their Clinical Applications
Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Trombay, Mumbai-85
Master Students (Medicine) Guided as Major Advisor till date:01
Awards / Honors:
  1. Awarded with ‘Certificate of Honour’ in year 2004 for publication of best clinical entitled “Current concepts in Aetiopathogenesis, differential diagnosis and treatment of Seizures in canines” in Intas Polivet.
  2. Awarded with ‘Intas Young Scientist Award’ in year 2005 for presentation of research work entitled “Nuclear Scintigraphy to evaluate hepatobiliary perfusion and to diagnose liver diseases in canines”.
  3.  Awarded with ‘Certificate of Merit’ in year 2005 for presentation of M.V.Sc. thesis research paper entitled “Comparative efficacy of some anthelmintics against naturally occurring cases of bovine paramphistomiasis”
  4. Awarded with ‘ISVM Appreciation Award’ in year 2005 for outstanding research contribution in Veterinary Medicine.
  5. Awarded with Certificate of Merit in year 2007 for best oral presentation of the research paper entitled “Babesiosis in Dairy Cows of Lusai Hill, Mizoram- A Report”.
  6. Awarded with ‘Best Paper Presentation Award’ in year 2009 for paper entitled “Therapeutic Management of Listeriosis in Bullock – A Case Report”
  7. Awarded with ‘Certificate of Merit’ in year 2011 for best oral presentation of the research paper entitled “Studies on Doxorubicin induced cardio toxicity and its evaluation by gallium scintigraphy in rabbits”
  8. Awarded with ‘Certificate of Merit’ in year 2011 for best oral presentation of the research paper entitled “Portosystemic shunt diagnosis by Nuclear Medicine techniques”
  9. First post graduate student guided by Dr. Galdhar (Name of the student- Miss. Sonal S. Ugile) has conferred with Intas Young Scientist Award in year 2011 for the thesis work entitled Studies On Bio-Distribution Of Nanoparticulate Buparvoquone  In Rats And Its Efficacy In  Bovine.
  10. Awarded with best paper presentation award in year 2012 for the presentation of the paper “Evaluation of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction (LVEF) By Nuclear Medicine Techniques In Rabbits”.
  11. Elected as Regional Secretary (Western Region) for the ISVM (Year 2006 to 2008).
v  Research projects Handled : Principal Investigator :02, Co- Principal Investigator -06,
v  Publications till date: 38 (Lead paper : 01, International Journal:02, National Journal: 35)